Srijan Welfare Activities
Ophthalmology Departments of Srijan

The Department of Ophthalmology is recognized all over the Eastern reason and is carrying out advanced surgical techniques in cataract surgery, oculoplastics, orbital and lacrimal surgery and retinal & vitreous surgery. The Department is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and has an extremely eminent faculty. The department aims the best quality of eye care by aiming at zero refractive error after cataract surgery. We are a regional centre of excellence treating all types of common eye conditions in both adults and children, as well as providing a range of highly specialized and cutting-edge services. We also run an Eye Casualty service for patients with emergency eye problems.

Our purpose-built modern unit has state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities for all types of medical and surgical conditions affecting the eye, including:

  • Cataracts
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)
  • Glaucoma (diseases which affect vision)
  • Orbit (including eye socket)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Corneal disorders
  • Uveitis (inflammation of part of the uveal tract of the eye)
  • Squints (for adults and children)
  • Lacrimal (conditions affecting the tear duct)
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology (conditions affecting nervous system in the eye)
  • Vitreoretinal (condition affecting the retina)